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Alternate oil space - great

I just found an excellent location for my second oil cooler.  I didn't even
have to make an extra scoop and I have pleanty of ram air.  I have the
plenum cooling on a Lyc IO-360.  The scoops have a 4" tube glassed into
them to cool the cylinders.  I routed out a 2" hole into the foam and
glassed a 2" hose to provide ram air to a oil cooler plenum on the
firewall.  My CHTs weren't affected at all.  I didn't need an extra scoop. 
I will also reap the benefits of the engine suction during extended taxi
which is my biggest concern.  Oil temps in the air aren't too high for me. 
I don't know if I could fit a 3" hose back there.

All this makes me think that the scoops for the plenum cooling could be
considerably smaller if done properly. I wonder how much the forward air
scoop and the rear air scoops are slowing me down. 

Andy Judge