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Re: REFLECTOR: nose coolers are history

Peter Beaty wrote:
> At 04:44 PM 9/1/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >Andy,
> >
> >With a functional oil cooler in the rear why do you need the nose cooler?
> >Since rear oil coolers transfer heat effectively they are better for cabin
> >heat.  The nose coolers were of poor design from the beginning, to say the
> >least.  It's amazing we have persisted on using them this long.
> >
> Dang, Alan, I wish you hadn't said that!  I agonized long and hard, finally
> went ahead and cut the hole for the NACA scoop for the nose cooler.
> My rationale is, the nose cooler will provide (some) heat [here in the
> frozen Northland] without relying on a blower (ie, should still get heat if
> electrical system fails).  Nobody's told me about a forced air rear cooler
> installation which does not need a blower; you got one?  If so, I'll
> convert my big NACA scoop to fresh air, right now, and put the cooler in
> the rear.
> Tell me now, before I cut the next hole in my plane!!
> Pete.

Dump the aluminum tubing and install AN10 AeroQuip SS/Teflon hose all
the way to minimize the fittings.  The 10 hose & fittings are a true
1/2" ID or a little more and they will flow the fluid much better.  Make
sure that you lengthen the nose of the NACA scoop about 2" to get the
intake angle better.  Also make sure that the inside of the back side
outer edge of the scoop has an airfoil to improve the air flow.

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