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Re: please relate your experience with fuselage joining

Schweitzer, Bill wrote:

> I know there have been many attempts to improve the clamping of the upper
> and lower fuselage during the joining layup.
> What have you tried?  How did it work?

Band saw 2" x 1" pieces of .060" aluminum, clamp them together and drill
press two holes 1" apart.  They are interchangeable.  Use clecos through
these to hold the fuselage together while glassing between them.  Once that
sets up pull them, clean grind and finish glassing.   Isn't this in the
plans?  It's the way we did it in the beginning.Were the two halves touch
good you can use super glue with microballon and Zip Kicker (makes super glue
hard in 2 seconds but gets hot ...don't get you fingers glued) to help hold
it straight.