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Re: REFLECTOR: Elevators, Rudder cables, Jigs, Brakes, Heated Air.

I.  elevator to fuselage gap.....I was told to leave the elevators longer than
necessary then sand down to contour fit the fuselage, essentially when you
mount your concentric torque tube you will only cut off enough of the elevator
torque tube(not the elevator) to allow the torque tubes to meet in the middle
of the canard, then elevator will be too long inboard to be cut down later
when mated to the fuselage
III.  actual flat area on the canard bottom.....Level the canard bottom by
keeping the small level near the center of the canard (shims on your sawhorses
work great). Spacing from the leading edge or trailing edge has been discussed
a lot, I simply used stir sticks cut in thirds to make them shorter and not
interfere or touch anything but the trailing edge and elevator, laying on the
trailing edge then mounted everything as plans call for. The gap of the stir
stick is necessary to get enough travel on the elevator once mounted. Even
with this much gap I had to sand the trailing edge a bit (thinner) and sand it
back (shorter). I have more travel than called for in the plans, later you
will limit this some by attachment of the elevator counter weights. chris
brock xl-rg