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Re: REFLECTOR: nose coolers are history

At 04:44 PM 9/1/98 -0400, you wrote:
>With a functional oil cooler in the rear why do you need the nose cooler?
>Since rear oil coolers transfer heat effectively they are better for cabin
>heat.  The nose coolers were of poor design from the beginning, to say the
>least.  It's amazing we have persisted on using them this long.
Dang, Alan, I wish you hadn't said that!  I agonized long and hard, finally
went ahead and cut the hole for the NACA scoop for the nose cooler.

My rationale is, the nose cooler will provide (some) heat [here in the
frozen Northland] without relying on a blower (ie, should still get heat if
electrical system fails).  Nobody's told me about a forced air rear cooler
installation which does not need a blower; you got one?  If so, I'll
convert my big NACA scoop to fresh air, right now, and put the cooler in
the rear.

Tell me now, before I cut the next hole in my plane!!