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Re: Epoxies; fuel

Simon Aegerter wrote:

> Max ? flew one of the first Velocitys accross the pond via the Azores with
> alcohol in the tanks. That particular airplane flew for many years with
> alcohol until - I dont know the circumstances - the tanks were opened and
> inspected. The epoxy, I heard, was just slightly softened at the very
> surface. I think Allan Shaw knows more.

That's correct Simon.  I worked on the plane here before Sam flew it back to
Texas in about 80% thunderstorms.  He was surprized when his post flight
inspection showed everything intact.  We just inspected through the filler
holes with scraper sticks.  The surface epoxy coat was milky looking but
fairly hard.  Bellow that the glass "looked" OK.  It is hard to tell what was
causing what because we made those strakes in a hurry with no molds and had
leaking problems early on years before the ethanol was used.Considering the
way we built it that old bird held up very well.