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RE: Closed compartments

> From: Joe Connally [mailto:connally@airmail.net]
> Subject: Closed compartments
> Our carnard was completely sealed with no known exits for air, and the
> expanding air possibly caused the separation.  Please give serious
> consideration to drilling vent holes into every closed compartment.

I'm not sure how to do this for the foam / glass sandwich areas. All the
foam we use is closed cell, so there are no air paths through it. I suspect
there may have been a small air pocket under the glass (tough to eliminate
all the bubbles), and it expanded at altitude. Other than drilling into the
pocket and squirting it full of resin, I don't know any way to prevent this.
Some builders aren't filling the canard tips with pour foam, and a few have
had edge delaminations at altitude as a result. I can't think of any other
places in the design that are sealed, unfilled compartments.

 - Chuck