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Re: Closed compartments

In a message dated 9/3/98 12:33:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
connally@airmail.net writes:

<<  A few days ago we found that a
 portion of the fiberglass skin of the carnard was separated from it's
 underlying foam, and I believe the "pop" I heard was that separation.
 Our carnard was completely sealed with no known exits for air, and the
 expanding air possibly caused the separation.  Please give serious
 consideration to drilling vent holes into every closed compartment.  We
 have them now, "after the horse has been stolen."  Joe Connally

I have done just exactly this to the canard end caps. I thought that they
looked a little weak and put some holes in just for that purpose many months
ago. But as far as your statement as to being "old news", I haven't seen any
other discussion about it on the Reflector.

Dale Alexander
173 RGE