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Closed compartments

    This will be nothing new to many of you, but just a reminder of what
can happen.  A couple of weeks ago while passing 12,000 ft. going up I
heard a definite "pop".  Nothing changed in the way the plane was
flying, and nothing was found( inspection was probably not adequate).  I
thought the noise was probably an unusual sound of something shifting as
the result of temperature differential.  A few days ago we found that a
portion of the fiberglass skin of the carnard was separated from it's
underlying foam, and I believe the "pop" I heard was that separation.
Our carnard was completely sealed with no known exits for air, and the
expanding air possibly caused the separation.  Please give serious
consideration to drilling vent holes into every closed compartment.  We
have them now, "after the horse has been stolen."  Joe Connally