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Re: REFLECTOR: chip detector or mag plug

In a message dated 98-09-02 13:43:24 EDT, you write:

<< Why doesn't civilian aviation use a chip detector or at least a mag plug in
 the engine oil sump??? Or an engine oil sample analysis every 25 hours?? >>

I wondered the same thing years ago when I transitioned into helicopters.  A
chip detector workes great in clean enviroments such as gear boxes, and such.
However, the carbon contaminents in combustion enviorments will short the
units and give false lights.  The answer is of course the oil sample analysis
every 25 hours.  I have done this since day one.  

Alan is right in saying that the "Old STG" is a very economical way to go for
low cost, fast, fun flying, but don't cut corners when it comes to the motor.
Spend the $12 bucks on the "blood work".

That reminds me.  Time to get the PSA test.  Do You??  I hate the idea of
someone probing my backdoor, but after a 42year old business acquaintance
passed away from prostate cancer, it really wakes you up.  We want to stay
healthy so we can fly these things we built (or make the wifes life miserable
;-) as long as we can.  I think most of us are at the age we need to take