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REFLECTOR: chip detector or mag plug

Why doesn't civilian aviation use a chip detector or at least a mag plug in
the engine oil sump??? Or an engine oil sample analysis every 25 hours??

My reasoning. In the military, especially with the old round engines and
the opposed flat engines (like our's) it was beat in to us that the engine
is gonna quit, boy.. You just don't know when or where. The class that we
attended for this purpose was the Mule class, 2x4 to the head and 2 brick's
to the nuts. That way if we weren't constantly thinking forced landing
because of engine failure we'd get a head ache and the jewels would start
aching. Very few of us went threw the class twice. When flying with the old
guy's  they would ask,"where you gonna land right now if the engine quits,
boy"? It was a definite advantage to have an answer that pleased them. To
this day I always have a place in mind to land when it quits cause I know
it's going to.

Anyway, a chip detector that turns a yellow caution light on the dash is a
great safety feature I think. 25 hours is along time to wait and see if
there is an abnormal amount of metal filing's or chunks in the oil filter
or sump. So why aren't they used?? Same question applies to engine oil

Alan, if you're only 47 you aren't capable of adult supervision yet. You
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