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REFLECTOR: Engine Monitor-Sump Tank Float Guage

I have built and Installed the RMI Monitor (Also RMI Encoder with 
Digital "Sensitive Magnetic" Compass option). Also I've installed the
Velocity internal sump tank float guage. The float guage is hooked to
the Number "1" alarm. There is an adjust time delay in which the switch
must be closed in order for the alarm to go off. The alarm can be
acknowledged, and the time delay begins again if the switch
opens-closes. I would think that this will take care of the the float
switch opening and closeing due to fuel "sloching" in the tank. 

Right now, when I turn on the master, after 6 seconds, the low oil
pressure, alternator, and fuel warning sound off with 88db. I still need
to hook the alarm to the Flightcom Intercom.

Carl Hoffman, Std RG Elite