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Re: REFLECTOR: Re: Window Installation

My method was similar to that mentioned earlier with some small 
differences.  I deduced this method (read"copied") from Malcolm et al.

I marked & cut the fuselage as per plans. I cut the windshield opening 
slightly too large.

I marked the glass as described earlier (tape & knife).  I then used a 
dremel to "rout" the lip for the outer skin.  Using wedges, the glass 
was microed in place.

Then sand a 1" boarder around the window overlaping the window itself 
buy 1/2" all the way around (I'll get back to the windshield in a 
second).  Then microglass and 1 layer of fine bid overlaping window and 

Inside, microlass fillet then fine bid window to inner skin.

Since the windshield was cut too small (Both lower corners), I did the 
inside first and let cure.  I then sanded the outside of the window 
edges to match the contour of the fuselage, filled and sanded a boarder 
as per the other windows and again used 1 layer of overlaping fine bid.

All the windows are now 1 layer of fine bid (which has since been 
sanded) away from flush.

Looks pretty good!

Larry Epstein
173 FGE

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