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Re: REFLECTOR: Trim wiring

At 03:22 PM 9/1/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I am getting ready to install the keel in my 173 FGE. This seems the perfect
>time to wire the roll trim motor and run the wires in the keel. Since I am
>using the Mac. G5 grip, I need to know what the current draw is on the pitch
>and roll trim motors. The G5 uses 26 guage wire internally and to the motors.
>( Seems a little lite for this application, but the mac's have a built in
>relay from my understanding).  I called the factory, and they didn't know the
>current draw, or what size wire I would need. I'm sure Martin can help me out
>here, but thought the rest of you may have some input too.  There isn't much
>room inside the G5 so I need the smallest guage wire that will safely handle
>the load.     Thanks in advance Martin!     
>Kurt Winker
For what ever it's worth here's the way I did it. I made my grip out of
walnut and it's comfortable for either right or left hand use. I put in a
Chinese hat for trim and a couple of other switches. The roll motor draws
abt 1 amp and the trim motor draws 5.6 amps. I used Potter & Brumfield
relays VF4-45F11 to reverse the direction or travel of the motor's (as per
bob Nuckols). You can run small wire from the Chinese hat to activate the
relay's and proper size wires to the trim motors. The trim relay's aren't
expensive and can be procured bout anywhere. I am using these relays for
several applications. I like little switches.
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