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REFLECTOR: Elevators, Rudder cables, Jigs, Brakes, Heated Air.

Dear Reflector Audience,

I.	I am attaching the elevators on the XL.  I was wondering how much gap
to leave between the fuselage and the inboard end of the elevators. 
Since the hinges rotate the elevator back and down the gap will norrow
but I don't know how much.  The end of the torque tube seems like it
will hit but I haven't figured a way to try it until I mount it on the
elevators.  The manual states 41 inches from end of elevator to the
other that sure seems close.
II.	The rudder cables Nylaflow tubing routing is unclear to me.  Should
it go down on the duct or up at the edge of the duct at the fuselage for
a straighter course.  Will the door tubes interfer with the Nylaflo at
the upper edge of the duct?
III.	How does one determine the actual flat area on the canard bottom to
align the elevators.  Alan describes a 3/16ths spacer but how far from
the leading edge?  Suggestions about jigging are welcome.
IV.	Hs anyone extended the lower edge of the canard back to near the
edge of the elevator to make the under surface devoid of the big gap.  I
talking about just two fine bid back to the point the edge of the
elevator would touch when fully up.  This gap seems large at nearly two
inches.  I know Nate has designed fairings for the hinges.  Has anyone
tried fairings on only the canard half?
V.	Brakes - the tubing can go low or high at the caliper.  What are the
benefits others see in the tubing attaching high or low?
VI.	Just finished my Sump tank.  In hind sight all the elbows could have
gone on the sides and not be so darn close to the retract gear path. 
Comments for future builders?
VII.	Has anyone run their heated air down the side ducts instead of
through the canard bulkhead?  Seems like we have these ducts and don't
seem to need much heat.  I have though of some good and bad points but
group therapy is soooo rewarding.


Rene' Dugas
Monroe, La.
Zingin and Singin