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REFLECTOR: Trim wiring

I am getting ready to install the keel in my 173 FGE. This seems the perfect
time to wire the roll trim motor and run the wires in the keel. Since I am
using the Mac. G5 grip, I need to know what the current draw is on the pitch
and roll trim motors. The G5 uses 26 guage wire internally and to the motors.
( Seems a little lite for this application, but the mac's have a built in
relay from my understanding).  I called the factory, and they didn't know the
current draw, or what size wire I would need. I'm sure Martin can help me out
here, but thought the rest of you may have some input too.  There isn't much
room inside the G5 so I need the smallest guage wire that will safely handle
the load.     Thanks in advance Martin!     
Kurt Winker