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Re: REFLECTOR: Re: Window Installation

Dave and Greg and anybody with the windows not yet in:

I have the thick, flush windows. Yes, I got the hint from Hangar 18. The
thing to do is this:

First, fit the window as you would with the bevel method, but *do not*
bevel the lip!! Then put two layers of masking tape along the edge on the
outside of the window. Put the window in place and make sure it stays there
(hot glue, clecos, even wife will do). Now take a sharp knife and cut along
the edge of the outer skin and into the masking tape. Remove the window
(thanks, honey) and remove the masking tape on the outside of the cut.

Now comes the hard part. I used a diamond disk on a Dremel tool to cut
along the tape about 3/32" deep into the window. Next, with a 40 grit disc
(2"dia) on the pneumatic angle grinder I cut the notch that would
eventually take up the outer skin. These operations are time consuming
because you cannot work on the same spot for more than a second or so
otherwise the plexi melts. If your hand is steady enough you can draw the
tool along fast.

It is impossible (at least for me) to get the window exactly flush all
around. So try to have it protrude ever so slightly. You can fill on the
body of the fuselage, but not on the window!

I found the wedge method not very handy. They tend to delaminate the inner
skin. After I did the windshield that way (and almost went bananas) I
simply drilled holes for clecos. Wax'em, before you apply epoxy!

It's really worth the effort; the finished product looks very neat and
people keep asking "how on earth did you do it?" The answer, of course is:
"very carefully!"


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland