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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel gauges

Martin Hadley wrote:

>Why not install a float switch, like the one used in the sump tank, at
>the level you wish to be notified of? One switch, one lamp. The ole
>K.I.S. (Keep It Simple) principle. No electronic circuits that might be
>susceptible to low voltage or high voltage spikes.
>If you are concerned with the light flickering on and off as fuel sloshes
>around, or in turbulence,  a simple one resistor / one capacitor circuit
>(Known as an R/C time constant) can be used to eliminate, or at least
>greatly reduce, the flickering.

I guess you're telling me a fuel sender that "reads through foam" is not as
good, or at least no better, than the internal sensor.  I was simply
looking for a way to avoid penetration into my fuel strake.  Oh well,
speaking of KISS, maybe I'll just live with the site gauges.

Thanks for the advice,

Dennis Martin