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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel gauges

Dennis Martin wrote:
> 1. Where can I buy a fuel gauge that reads through the 1/4" foam in the
> baggage strake?  I'd like to install a warning device on the panel that
> tells me when I'm down to a quarter tank.  Scott Swing told me about
> someone who sells such a device, but he hasn't answered my phone call.
> 2. Vance Atkinson sells a hard plastic site fuel gauge for something like
> $35.00 a pair.  He mentioned that about a dozen Velocities are using them.
> Is anyone installing them?  Your opinions?
> Is anyone flying with them?  I'm ready to get this part of my cabin finished.
> Thanks in advance.
> Dennis MartinI've seen the clear plastic gauges made by Vance,on a couple of long EZs 
at my airport. There is a white background that makes the pale blue color 
of the gas really easy to see.  To me the brass fittings and cloudy 
plastic tubing look bad and I guess I just don't like the thought of that 
tube coming off in flight dumping 25-30 gals of gas into the cockpit.
I should have delivery in 1 more week and plan to install them ASAP as 
I'm just about ready to seal the tops on.
I have one question for the relector, has anyone tested the adherance of 
the Jeffco fuel resistant epoxy to the Epolite we're using with gas. Sure 
it might sound great to use as a coating, just wondering what happens 
after the tank is full of gas for a year or so??  Can this stuff blister 
and start falling off?