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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel gauges

On Sun, 30 Aug 1998 17:43:45 -0600 dmartin@cougar.netutah.net (Dennis
Martin) writes:
> I'd like to install a warning device on the panel that tells me when
I'm down to a quarter tank. 


Why not install a float switch, like the one used in the sump tank, at
the level you wish to be notified of? One switch, one lamp. The ole
K.I.S. (Keep It Simple) principle. No electronic circuits that might be
susceptible to low voltage or high voltage spikes.

If you are concerned with the light flickering on and off as fuel sloshes
around, or in turbulence,  a simple one resistor / one capacitor circuit
(Known as an R/C time constant) can be used to eliminate, or at least
greatly reduce, the flickering.

Just a thought!


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