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REFLECTOR: Flight Training

Before I went for flight training at the Velocity factory, I called AVEMCO
and was told they require 10 hrs in type.

My recommendation is at lease 10 hours, which should include 15 to 20 
landings.   Instead of flying  straight for long period of time, ask your 
instructor to have you fly approach patterns at altitude,  get used 
to using the rudders during slow flight as the ailerons become ineffective.

Last Sunday, while landing with a 70 degree cross wind of 12 knots,
I got a little slow  (75Knots). Just over the numbers my down wind wing
dropped dramatically, as if stalled.  Slamming on the opposite rudder 
brought the wing back up.

For more details on flight training, see Velocity Views Volume 14 page 16,

Larry,   I recommend the Audio Flight Avionics AV10,  that sweet voice
my but twice.  Once when my oil pressure sending unit failed, and again
I forgot to reset my Alternator breaker after pulling it to do some work.

One hour to go to finish my 40hrs FAA flyoff, (freedom at last) then I will
fly to Velocity Factory for some modifications and painting.

I am planning to write a complete article for VV of my experiences during
the first 40 hrs.

Mike Watson
Velocity RG E  One hour to go and counting.