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REFLECTOR: Re: Flight Time Before Velocity?

I had 250 hrs of C172 time before first flying the Velocity. For
my first minute I thought the Velocity a tad light in pitch, but I
quickly decided that the Velocity was actually amazingly well
balanced ... pitch forces and roll forces nicely complement
each other. I had to admit that the C172 I am used to is kind 
of heavy in pitch relative to roll.

I did not land the plane on that 30 min flight, but there was
nothing about the plane to convince me that it would be a
tough transition. I did a very complete flight test, especially
at slow speeds. I measured damping rates from dutch-roll
and pitch inputs ... a bunch of stuff. The plane was not hard
to fly. I think the biggest change is just being ready to get
places much faster, so you must be ready a bit further out.

That's my $0.02, and it was worth everything you just paid for

Ask your insurance agent for the difinitive answer.  ;^)