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REFLECTOR: Re: Flight Time Before Velocity?

Two items:

One, I am a builder and am very interested in Chris's question, and any
answers that may be forthcoming.  I know what has been recommended from
the factory (generally, at least 10 hours or so).  It has also been
suggested to 'become familiar with a variety of a/c first' (which is
always a good idea before transitioning to a new a/c), but which ones? 
I have also heard that practicing no-flap landings in a conventional
spamcan is practically worthless as any kind of approximation to the
landing characteristics of a Velocity.

Why would this be un-interesting to Velocity builders?  Presumably, a
builder is also a pilot, who intends to fly the fruit of their labor
(someday!).  At any given moment, I suspect there are 5-10 Velocity
builders who are approaching first flight within 6 months or so, the
same number who have just done so, and many more who can share their
experience.  Isn't that what this list is for?  Or is this list just for
'building' issues?  I would hope that it is reasonable to pose questions
involving the unique piloting characteristics of canard a/c in general,
and Velocity specifically.

Second item:
I do agree that the 'Reply-to' should somewhere include the easy ability
to send back to the original sender so that you can easily make it a
simple response to that person...  but it's easy enough to cut/paste the
name if that is your intention, so I don't think it's a big deal.

Most of the time, if somebody poses a question, I would like to also see
the answer.  To deprive the list of an informative reply by replying
only to the sender and not the list, is to defeat the purpose of the

Just my opinion...  

And I would echo Chris's question. If for some reason you don't think
the reply should be to the list, go ahead and email me privately.  I
will be doing first flight (well, after the test pilot is done with it!)
sometime in the next 5 months or so, and any tips anyone has to lower
the inherent risk would be very welcome.

-John Rourke

MTSP@aol.com wrote:
>    This is one of the reasons I wish all replies mdid not go to the reflector.
> To answer your question will take up a lot of space that will not be of
> interest to the majority of reflector recipients.
>       Michael   MTSP@aol.com