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REFLECTOR: Some Interesting Reading

Hi All,

Got this off of Rec.Aviation. Homebuilt. It's a little teaser from an ex-F-104
pilot. I thought that it would be neat to post as so little is ever heard
about this plane. The rest of the text can be seen at:


Maybe this is where the old "urban legend" about the SR-71 started...then
again, the SR-71 stuff is probably true as well.


Dale Alexander
173 RGE

The -19 -104 would go supersonic - M1.05 - in true level flight at 25000 in
military power. It could maintain .97 on the deck in mil. The fastest I've had
one on the deck was 750, the redline. I do know one pilot who let it run out
to 825. He was at that time a bachelor and immortal. It's maximum was far
beyond 2.0 at altitude. The most I've heard of is 2.4 (same bachelor) which is
above the aluminum one-time limit. (2.2 for 5 minutes) I have personally flown
the aircraft in a zoom climb high enough so the altimeter stopped turning at
around 87000. We were still going up in a 50 degree climb. I suppose the
pressure differential was too low to overcome the friction in the gears
driving the needles. I know the bird will cruise at 73000 at M2.0; Paul Da San
Martineo and I RTB'd from Tyndall to Homestead that way. It certainly
impressed Miami Center; I remember the controller's answer when we called
"Level Flight Level 730". "Roger, and you weren't lying about your true
airspeed either!" (We'd filed a TAS of 1150 kts)