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Re: Low RPM's


Can you explain the new mags can be timed incorrectly internally but ok
with buzz box?  And how could somebody know?


Alan Shaw <wingco@iu.net> on 08/28/98 04:11:28 PM

Please respond to reflector@awpi.com

To:   reflector@awpi.com
cc:    (bcc: Greg Otto/CONTRACTOR/DALLAS/CYRIX)
Subject:  Re: Low RPM's

Andrew and Brian,

 Franklin  66-76" prop.

> He's getting 2000 RPM on run-up.
> What sort of pitch is everyone else using?

That pitch should be OK if the prop is thin.What brand of prop?
Thickness?  Cord?

Other factors that effect static:
Advanced timing....is it running hot?  New mags can be timed wrong
internally and check out OK with a buzz box.  Jeff's electronic should
be fine but easy to check. Have you done a static on just the mag or
just the electronic?
restricted intake...airfilter?
Fuel flow.. fuel pump...fuel filter....carburetor?

Ideally it should static 300 rpm below max rpm for best all around