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Re: Oil Cooler Installation

At 10:50 PM 8/27/98 +0100, you wrote:

The way I have them is
>out of the duct at the canard bulkhead, up along the hull an over the top
>of the cooler. One of them not really over the top because the elbow is
>right at the edge. Hopr that makes sense.

Simon, this makes sense, and it's what I tried to portray in my Fig 2.

Fig 1 shows the oil lines running forward, down the hull in front of the
cooler, then under the cooler aft to the duct.  I was afraid it might have
to be done this way to stay out of the way of the hot air duct and canard.  

You and Dave Black indicate that I will be able to point the right-angle
fittings aft (more or less), and run the lines down the aft side of the
cooler, then back to the duct.  Since I'm going to try to use the
factory-supplied aluminum lines, I only want to bend them one time (no
trial-and-error fitting!).