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Re: Strake


1. the bigger strake sections don't look that funny hanging off the doors

 I certainly was not impying that the big stakes would look funny.  I'm sure either way looks fine; I just chose a different way to go. 

2. the longer strake section on a comfort basis is most effective because of
the additional height its gives you at the armpit area than the length of
the arm rest.  Simply extending a non-big strake setup so there is a longer
arm rest portion will not give you any additional height.

I guess I wasn't clear about what I'm doing.  The profile I'm getting on the door is essentaily the same as your big strake; it does not just extend the height of the elite strake at the door cut.  Visualize - the outer edge of the door/stake part meets the elite strake at the door cut; the profile at the fuselage wall meets the elite strake about 15" or so back of the door where the strake is full height.

I will dig up some pictures of the doors open so you can judge for yourself
if they are ugly or not.

No need to be defensive; I'm sure you're way looks fine.  I don't know yet how mine will look.

Al Gietzen