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Re: Spongy Brakes (TOOL)

In a message dated 8/27/98 5:57:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time, jcbarnes@ibm.net

>What are the cleaning recommendations and/or cautions about using
>different hydraulic fluids back-to-back, like DOT-5 for one application
>then Engine Oil the next?

Hi Jeff,
Instruction manual mentions that it is "compatible with brake fluids,
transmission fluids, oil, gasoline and diesel fuels, gasoline and diesel
injector cleaners, aircraft hydraulic fluids and more..."

Cleaning "For Brake Fluid uses (Compatible Fluid Types)"
1). Pump clean brake fluid through the injector until all traces of
contaminates are removed.
2). Flush injector again with clean fluid.

Cleaning "For Alternating Non-Compatible Fluid Types"
1). Pump and remove old fluid from injector, lines, and container.
2). Utilizing Denatured Alcohol flush injector, lines, container and adaptors
until all traces of old fluid are removed.
3). Pump alcohol for injectors and lines until fluid is replaced by air.
4). Flush traces of alcohol from injector system using new fluid.

>What variety of adapters/couplings/fittings do you get or do you buy a
>lot of those seperately ? >>

There appears to be a large assortment of various fitting, rubber adaptors,
bottles, quick disconnect fittings, valves, taper tips, lines etc. depending
on which set-up you purchase. There seems to be four different types of
injectors. The "MAXI-JECT" and "MAXI-JECT PRO" seem to be the models that are
capable of a dosed pulse and have snap lock fittings. The V-10 and V-20 series
seem to be a lesser quality and have 1/2 turn to lock fittings.

I suppose the best way to describe this is to either have you call the factory
or send me your fax number and I will try to fax a few pages of the manual to

Hope this helps...