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Re: Spongy Brakes (TOOL)

Hi Dale and Folks !
	Cool tool.
	What are the cleaning recommendations and/or cautions about using
different hydraulic fluids back-to-back, like DOT-5 for one application
then Engine Oil the next?
	What variety of adapters/couplings/fittings do you get or do you buy a
lot of those seperately ?

Jeff Barnes

DAlexan424@aol.com wrote:
> Hi All!
> Been reading the posts about spongy brakes and how some are having difficulty
> removing air from some of the calipers.
> A friend of mine had a need to reverse bleed his motorcycle brakes for the
> same reason and asked me to check with my Snap On dealer as he seemed to
> remember that a tool he saw for the job was offered by Snap On. I just
> received the tool yesterday.
> It consists of a hand held pump, several fittings and a resevoir to hold fresh
> fluid. The pump has a series of check valves that allows one to pump fluid
> back into the system from the brake caliper. The pump can also be used to draw
> fluid OUT of the system by reversing the fluid line attachment to the bleeder.
> The instruction manual shows various methods such as:
> Bench bleeding, flushing, pulsing to allow removal of stubborn small air
> pockets, apply up to 120 psi of pressure to flush and check fuel injector
> spray patterns, pressurize oiling systems, apply pressure/vacuum to various
> sensors, flush carbs and I guess a whole lot of other things that require
> movement of fluid under pressure or vacuum.
> It is not a Snap On tool per se, but is made by
> Phoenix Systems
> 3555 E. 42nd Stravenue
> Tucson, AZ. 85713
> Ph. 1-888-749-7977
> Fx. 1-520-747-2424
> The system that I got was the Maxi-Ject Pro/Smart Pak. The price is somewhat
> steep at $189, but I can see a lot of uses other than bleeding brakes. I may
> offer its use to builders in the San Francisco area, as long as I can help and
> learn too ;<)
> Hope this helps...
> Dale Alexander
> 173 RGE
> DMO 404