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Spongy Brakes

Hi All!

Been reading the posts about spongy brakes and how some are having difficulty
removing air from some of the calipers.

A friend of mine had a need to reverse bleed his motorcycle brakes for the
same reason and asked me to check with my Snap On dealer as he seemed to
remember that a tool he saw for the job was offered by Snap On. I just
received the tool yesterday. 

It consists of a hand held pump, several fittings and a resevoir to hold fresh
fluid. The pump has a series of check valves that allows one to pump fluid
back into the system from the brake caliper. The pump can also be used to draw
fluid OUT of the system by reversing the fluid line attachment to the bleeder.

The instruction manual shows various methods such as:

Bench bleeding, flushing, pulsing to allow removal of stubborn small air
pockets, apply up to 120 psi of pressure to flush and check fuel injector
spray patterns, pressurize oiling systems, apply pressure/vacuum to various
sensors, flush carbs and I guess a whole lot of other things that require
movement of fluid under pressure or vacuum.

It is not a Snap On tool per se, but is made by

Phoenix Systems
3555 E. 42nd Stravenue
Tucson, AZ. 85713
Ph. 1-888-749-7977
Fx. 1-520-747-2424

The system that I got was the Maxi-Ject Pro/Smart Pak. The price is somewhat
steep at $189, but I can see a lot of uses other than bleeding brakes. I may
offer its use to builders in the San Francisco area, as long as I can help and
learn too ;<)

Hope this helps...

Dale Alexander
173 RGE
DMO 404