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<  Another neat trick to decrease back seat closterphobia (read as claustrophobia) is to
>put an 8" to 10" round window in the bottom strake for passengers to
>ground view.
Cool!  Not that I need yet another design mod to slow me down, but this seems relatively simple and a nice feature.
I've just completed installation of modified door latch rod mechanisms that allow opening the stake hole-arm rest in the doors pretty much right up to the stiffener.  Works great.  I intend to do the standard Elite strake installation, but make a break in the leading edge line (a la EZs) at the door cut to carry the strake to about 3" from the leading edge of the door. 
This will of course require the molding of a new part for on the door and blending back to confrom nicely with the srtake.  The profile on the door will be the same as if you slid the strake forward (as in the "BigStrake") giving an opening that not only goes further forward than you can get with the normal Elite strake, but importantly for us tall guys; brings the top of the opening up so we can get our arms in there.  And, of course, it has the advantage that the part on the door will only stick out the usual 11" or so.  And, of course, I haven't done this part yet.  Nor have I flown my airplane.  Oh, well; all in due course.
Al Gietzen  RGE