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Re: Rudder Talk

Chuck Caldarale wrote:

> I believe the question was in reference to a spring between the end of the
> cable and the pedal, not just a pedal return spring. Some Cozys have them to
> allow full travel of the rudders before reaching full brake travel. I
> presume they have to be pretty hefty to get the rudder to move if your'e
> flying at any speed. I've never seen them on a Velocity.

Learn something new every day.  Good idea...install a controlled stretch
"give" in the system so the full brakes can work without ripping a tight
system apart.  For the last decade most Velocities have just let the
cables hang
slack at the wing root so the brakes could work but this makes for
rudders.From the test I've done I think the spring by the rudder pedals
be so stiff that it doesn't start to stretch until we hit almost 50
lbs.  We
need one stiffer than the Cozy.

Rene' Dugas....the intakes that Malcolm and I installed in 92' were up
high right behind the panel.  He shaped an "S" duct with blue foam,
glassed, hogged out the foam then installed over laping baffles and
drain holes for the rain.  We also put some under the strake for the
back seat.  Another neat trick to decrease back seat closterphobia is to
put an 8" to 10" round window in the bottom strake for passengers to
ground view.