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Cool Air NACA

Dear Builders,

Any experience with right sided Naca duct placement aft of Canard
Bulkhead?  Hangar 18 does and recommends it below the canard
reinforcemnts aft of bulkhead.  I was trying to avoid holes in canard
BHead.  I was curious about wind noise, water leakage, etc.  I can mount
it without rudder interference but it will be visable below the Panel.

Has anyone used the pilot side duct for hot air from a ducted system
similar to the recommended one in the front to bring heating air back
into the body without contamination with exhaust?

Recommedations on mounting the packaged retract system with solenoids
from the factory?  Aluminum Hard points in nose? Separate constructed
panel?  It will not fit against bulkhead with present tubing.  I plan to
install hard points and bent back plate to fit in front of the battery

Has anyone come up with a centering detent for the nose wheel?  Some
planes center when the weight is removed for accurate retraction.


Humbly yours,

Rene' Dugas
Stumbling along. with XL RG