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Re: Brakes

I've been thru this scenario twice with car brakes (LeSabre and Subaru).
Everything checks out A-OK, and the master cylinder internals look OK.
But, there had to have been internal bypass.  Rather than rebuild, I
replaced the entire master cylinder.  Voila, no more spongeness.

We're dealing with the same brake equipment on the Velocity, right?  

At 10:57 AM 8/26/98 -0500, Joe Connally wrote:
>Re Emanuel Lewis' brake problem.  'been there.  We tried everyting to
>get our Matco's to not be spoongy and to give good braking.  Finally,
>the only thing left was the master cylinders, so bought rebuild kits at
>our nearest NAPA auto parts store for about $12 per cylinder.  Took the
>master cylinders apart and all seemed like new, but put in the kits
>anyway - Surprise: we now have good brakes.