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Re: spongy brakes and oil cooler

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From: reflector@awpi.com <reflector@awpi.com>
To: Sonrisa <Sonrisa>
Date: Tuesday, August 25, 1998 9:01 PM
Subject: Re: spongy brakes and oil cooler

>Emanuel Lewis wrote:
>> PS In mid October, my wife and I plan to fly our Velocity from our home
>> upstate NY to San Antonio, Albuquerque, Tuscon, and Phoenix with stops on
>> the way out around Atlanta, and Jackson MS (not sure about return route
>> yet).  If anyone out there would like to say hello let me know.
>Here is your official invite to Atlanta from me. McCullum Airport  (RYY)
>Atlanta is a controlled field with an ILS but not near as busy as PDK. I
>love to see your plane and abuse you with a tour of my project. I might be
>able to borrow some hangar space for a night or two.Wayne Owens
>770 333-1578
Emanuel , I live in Albuquerque and am building a 173 RG elite , I sure
would like you and your wife to stop in and visit with us . If you stop in
Alb. land at Double Eagle airport AEG not at International , much easier to
get in and out of and fuel is cheaper . We're one of the guys putting a
Subaru SVX engine in our Velocity if you are interested in seeing our
project and giving us your 2 cents worth we would enjoy having you over. We
will be out of town from the 13th through the 16th of Oct. hopefully your
stop in Alb. will be either before or after that. Look forward to hearing
from you . We live 15 min. from Double Eagle our phone # is 505-831-8838
give us a call .

Regards Lino