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Re Emanuel Lewis' brake problem.  'been there.  We tried everyting to
get our Matco's to not be spoongy and to give good braking.  Finally,
the only thing left was the master cylinders, so bought rebuild kits at
our nearest NAPA auto parts store for about $12 per cylinder.  Took the
master cylinders apart and all seemed like new, but put in the kits
anyway - Surprise: we now have good brakes.  In the end of the master
cylinder plunger was a one way valve we didn't know was there, and that
was the problem.  Although the valves seemed OK to us, at the higher
pressure in the brake cylinder they must have been leaking.  Had
problems getting the correct rebuild kit.  Our brake master cylinders
came in boxes marked NAPA Master Cylinder Assembly 39102, but the kit
listed for that was not correct.  The correct one was Clutch Master
Cylinder kit 1271.
    Also, it is possible to adjust the brakes so that when you have full
pedal depression and think you have full brakes, you don't.  So giving
yourself less rudder and more brakes is worth trying if you have not
already done so.   Joe Connally