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spongy brakes and oil cooler

Thanks everone for the input on spongy brakes; I'll look into each of the

I started running into high oil temperatures this summer and decided to
install a second oil cooler.  I purchased a cooler from Velocity and
installed it on the firewall as the plans indicated.  However, I did not
install a seperate air intake.  Also, I was concerned about rain entering
the engine accessory compartment if I used the upper cowling exhaust as
recommended.  After talking to Duane I decided to build a duct on the
outlet side of the cooler to exhaust through the upper baffle.  I've flown
about five hours with this arrangement.  Oil tempereature are down around
20 to 30F while the cylinder head temperatures are up a maximum of about
20F (still below 400F).  I plan to put a temporary temperature sensor on
the magnetos to make sure they are not getting too hot.  The Bendix rep
recommends 200F as a max for continuous operation with 240F as peak

Manny Lewis
Standard FG

PS In mid October, my wife and I plan to fly our Velocity from our home in
upstate NY to San Antonio, Albuquerque, Tuscon, and Phoenix with stops on
the way out around Atlanta, and Jackson MS (not sure about return route
yet).  If anyone out there would like to say hello let me know.