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Re: Engine, Mags, Bellcranks

I am building std.rg Elite, what are the chances of needing a secondary oil 
cooler in the wing root? I live in Texas. Would it be wise to wait and 
see how the heat goes on Lyc. IO-360 or go a head and install it? I 
do not want to fight high tempertures like I have been reading.
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> Bill,
> > Looking for information on electronic ignition. Do I want it?? Is it worth
> > the extra expense?
> Electronic ignition is more efficient and allows easier starting than
> magnetos. EI has variable timing, which can improve power output. But
> electronic ignition requires battery power to operate. Thus many builders use
> one electronic and one mag. Two electronic would be slightly better, but (in
> my opinion) not worth the extra complexity of a dual electrical system.
> > What brand have other's used?
> Many Velocity builders are using the Jeff Rose system. I've heard lots of
> good things about it.
> > Don't know anything about it. Or are mags good enough.
> Of course. These engines have been flying on mags forever. It's just a matter
> of choice, whether you would like to improve engine efficiency or not.
> > >I don't have my aileron bell cranks installed yet. Do I need to do that
> > before I install the oil cooler in the wing root??
> A general rule of thumb I'd apply here: Install the ESSENTIAL & IMMOVABLE
> items first, then see what space is left for the optional ones. There's only
> one place where the bellcranks can go, so I'd at least trial-fit them before
> installing anything else which might interfere in their vicinity.
> Dave Black
> SW RG TopDoor (Classic)