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Re: 6A350 Starter.

> Since you are the "Franklin Guy" now, I thought you might like to see =
> what I did to solve the Goodman starter problem.  The attached pictures =
> show the old and new nose piece for the supplied starter.  The original =
> nose piece was so badly made it wouldn't seal against accessory case and =
> had put some nicks in the ring gear teeth.  Luckily for me I have a =
> brother who is a super tool and die maker.  I told him what I wanted and =
> he made me one out of a solid block of aluminum.  The starter itself is =
> from a Honda Civic,  NAPA # 224-6115.  Since the new nose piece is a =
> bolt on replacement for the factory original, starter replacement only =
> takes $100.00 and a trip to your local NAPA store.
> Larry Coen
> RGE Std.   

Thanks for the pictures.  For anyone else who is interested,
check out

And for the rest of you:
I just spoke with Sky Tec today.  They are having
starter castings made now.  The starters should be
available soon.  They gave me preliminary pricing,
and will cost around $400.  Mind you, this is
preliminary, so don't hold me or Sky Tec to details

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