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Re: Primers and Application

Charles Seberg wrote:

> >Can Awl-grip be successfully applied with a roller? And if not, which epoxy
> >primers can be?

Most primers are better rolled for the first coat because spraying doesn't go
into those pesky little pinholes.  I like to HVLP or pressure pot spray (always
with low air pressure) the second coat of primer because the "roller texture"
seems to be a waste of paint and sanding.

> Check out the primers and finishers from PolyFiber.  Their materials are
> water-based, and can be applied with a roller (up to the final finish coat).

I have been meaning to try these new materials.  Other brands of water born
urethane final paints have given a lot of auto body shops fits until the paint
was improved and tech reps followed up on the very special application
techniques.  Runs have been the problem because the water reducer doesn't flash
off in humid climates like mine. They have to be misted on several times before
a very conservative flow coat can be applied.Any tips on Polyfiber
application...especially spray experience would be appreciated.