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Re: Rudder Talk

RE: slips

As I learned it, a true slip is when you use full rudder, and as much
aileron as possible, in order to lose altitude.  I used to do it often
in my Grumman, but never in the Velocity.  It doesn't take much aileron
to keep the wing low and plane aligned in a crosswind, so I don't really
count this as a true slip.  Of course this is just me talking.  As a
practical matter, the velocity comes in so fast that crosswinds aren't
much of a problem, again, for me.

You are right in that Alan prefers to land with a crab.  The castering
nosegear allows the plane to easily straighten out.  

This is a debate that I prefer to avoid.  What works best for YOU is

Hope this all makes sense.

Bob Ginsberg

Big Ape Gyms - Velocity 173