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RE: Rudder Talk

Bob ... this sounds like a slip landing to me....... in order to keep the airplane from turning ( since one wing is low) you'll have to apply opposite rudder (cross control) to stay lined up with the runway centerline won't you? My understanding is that landing in a crosswind in a Velocity should only be done by crabbing and your method sounds like a slip...... am I missing something here?   Not yet flying my 173RG.............. JEFF CLOUGH

From: 	Bob Ginsberg
Sent: 	Sunday, August 23, 1998 1:54 PM
To: 	reflector@awpi.com
Subject: 	Re: Rudder Talk

Also, my manual contains a caution about not slipping a swept wing
aircraft.  Are you sure you mean "slipping in a crosswind?"  Or are you
talking about crabbing in a crosswind.  As for me, I don't slip to lose
altitude, and I don't crab in a crosswind.  Instead, I keep the upwind
wing a little low.  This method helps insure you land with the upwind
wheel 1st, thus preventing any chance of getting flipped.  Also, you
stay flying straight down the runway, instead of having to change nose
direction at the last second.

Bob Ginsberg

Big Ape Gyms - Velocity 173