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Re: Rudder Talk


Have you measured the available deflection with the brakes hooked up and
working.  Seems to me that you may not get that much travel once that is
done.  I spent considerable time getting the rudder travel and brake
actuation rigged properly.  In fact, I almost ran into a 310 when I
started the engine and the rudder travel stopped the pedals before the
brakes were fully on!  Yikes!

Also, my manual contains a caution about not slipping a swept wing
aircraft.  Are you sure you mean "slipping in a crosswind?"  Or are you
talking about crabbing in a crosswind.  As for me, I don't slip to lose
altitude, and I don't crab in a crosswind.  Instead, I keep the upwind
wing a little low.  This method helps insure you land with the upwind
wheel 1st, thus preventing any chance of getting flipped.  Also, you
stay flying straight down the runway, instead of having to change nose
direction at the last second.

Just my two cents worth.

Bob Ginsberg

Big Ape Gyms - Velocity 173