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Rudder Talk

On July 1st, Dale Alexander posted some valuable information about rudder
travel.  I reviewed his comments while tweaking my rudders yesterday.

Question 1:  Among Velocity builders already flying, what is your current
rudder deflection, and have you had any problems?  I can get 3 1/2" of
travel at the trailing edge of my rudders - measuring outboard from the
winglet.  (I guess that's a lot for internal horns).  This may be good for
braking, but might be dangerous in a cross wind.  According to Dale's talk
with Dwayne,  Rutan advised against too much rudder travel - that it can
cause a winglet to stall while slipping in a cross-wind, and result in a
rapid roll into the cross-wind.  I vaguely recall someone mentioning this a
while back.  Has anyone had this scary experience?

Question 2: Dale's post reads, "In the 173 RGE manual . . . the proper
deflection is stated as being 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches..."  I looked up the
rudder travel in my manual (it's right where you said it is, Dale) and my
numbers are different than you state in your post.  Either the FGE is
different than retractables, or I may have missed a KPC, because my manual
reads, "Rudder only deflection is 3/4" - 1".

Whatever the correct numbers are, Dale, thanks for raising this important
issue in the reflector.

All the best,

Dennis Martin
FGE 90% done and miles to go before I leap