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Re: Engine

> Just curious, who is supporting the Franklin now that Atlas Motors is gone?

Hmmm, I though most everyone knew about New Aviation.
At the risk of commercialising the reflector, I'll say this:

New Aviation, Inc. is currently the only official importer
of Franklin engines in the US.  There may be other importers
that I don't know about; PZL is not obligated to tell me of
other potential importers.

We are working with National Air Parts, Sky Tec, Champion
and others for STC/PMA parts on the Franklin engine.  We will
be stocking spare parts from PZL as well as accessories
like magnetos, starters, etc.

The future of the Franklin looks good.  Van's aircraft is
installing a 6A350 into their RV-8 prototype.  It should
fly any day now.  Lancair is also interested.  They have
asked for drawings and may suggest the 6A-350 as an alternative
engine.  We were approached by a manufacturer at Oshkosh
who would like to buy up to twelve engines per month.  This
deal is not finalised yet, so I'm not releasing any details.
Maule is considering using the Franklin again.

If anyone has any comments on Sky Tec, National Air Parts,
Champion, Slick ... or whatever, please let me know.

I'm working on collecting information on leads from Oshkosh.
Once that's done, I'll send out some sort of bulliten
that answers a lot of the questions that a lot of people
from Osh had.

One more thing.  PZL has just released a Service Letter
for the high pressure bypass spring.  They also have a "kit"
for the high pressure bypass.  I've got a fax of the letter,
but I've got a real copy.  As soon as I pick it up from the
post office I'll scan it in so it looks nice and I'll 
post it on the web site.  We tried to order the high 
pressure bypass spring several times and they sent us the wrong 
spring each time.  They had given us the wrong part number.
Hopefully we'll have the kit in a week or two.

Brian Michalk  <http://www.awpi.com/michalk>
Life is what you make of it ... never wish you had done something.
Aviator, experimental aircraft builder, motorcyclist, SCUBA diver
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