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Re: Engine, Mags, Bellcranks


> Looking for information on electronic ignition. Do I want it?? Is it worth
> the extra expense?

Electronic ignition is more efficient and allows easier starting than
magnetos. EI has variable timing, which can improve power output. But
electronic ignition requires battery power to operate. Thus many builders use
one electronic and one mag. Two electronic would be slightly better, but (in
my opinion) not worth the extra complexity of a dual electrical system.

> What brand have other's used?

Many Velocity builders are using the Jeff Rose system. I've heard lots of
good things about it.

> Don't know anything about it. Or are mags good enough.

Of course. These engines have been flying on mags forever. It's just a matter
of choice, whether you would like to improve engine efficiency or not.

> >I don't have my aileron bell cranks installed yet. Do I need to do that
> before I install the oil cooler in the wing root??

A general rule of thumb I'd apply here: Install the ESSENTIAL & IMMOVABLE
items first, then see what space is left for the optional ones. There's only
one place where the bellcranks can go, so I'd at least trial-fit them before
installing anything else which might interfere in their vicinity.

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor (Classic)