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Re: Door damper bracket


> The question is would it be sufficient to create a microglass
> (AlphaPoxy/glass) pad between the hinge and the bracket with the proper
> angle similar to the pad between the hinge and the fuselage

Sure, you just need a solid spacer.  A wedge of aluminum with some longer screws
works too.  I always have a bigger and stronger layup for the whole hinge area to
prevent flexing so only had to add spacers on customer built aircraft.Note for new
builders:  Making any door from the cut out rather than a seperate premolded piece
is easyer just remember...mount the hinges BEFORE you cut out the door.   The best
oil doors are made from a 6" circle with a 4"x1" hinge at the top and a "Hartwell"
latch at the bottom.  No screw drivers or funnels are needed to add oil.