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Door damper bracket

This is on a Classic door (clam-shell door) so the Elites may or may not
know about this. But this is a generic enough question for hardware fitting...

As it usually happens, the final adjustment of the door to make it "just so
perfect" has resulted in an aft hinge placement that the fuselage damper
bracket has trouble attaching itself to without bumping against the
fuselage door lip. Simple sanding to fit is not going to work. I need to
make the damper bracket arm come down a little more as well as mount it at
a slight angle to the door hinge to align it perfectly with the damper
bracket on the door.

The question is would it be sufficient to create a microglass
(AlphaPoxy/glass) pad between the hinge and the bracket with the proper
angle similar to the pad between the hinge and the fuselage or would I
really need to weld another piece of metal (in addition to the tab that is
already welded) and grind it down to the correct fit?

With the former, I would glass pad would be bonded permanently to the
damper bracket. So the aft screws will sandwich "fuselage-microglass
pad-door hinge-microglass pad-door damper". Is this going to create
problems down the road with the pad coming apart?

Any thoughts on such fabrication?