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Re: RG hydraulic lines.

>From: MelBina@aol.com
>Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 18:34:09 EDT
>To: Reflector@awpi.com
>Subject: RG hydraulic lines.
>Reply-To: reflector@awpi.com
>     I made the first attempt to retract the landing gear today and 
>could be better. ...... Two of the flex lines were leaking at the 
>coupling.    I called a hydraulic shop in Phoenix ......

> I didn't enjoy pulling out the nose gear assembly again and
>cleaning up the mess.
>Mel Bina     STD  RG
Mel, make sure you use the correct aircraft fittings. The Auto fittings 
have a different flare angle and to use them will probably result in 
pulling the nose gear out again to clean up.
We are using Aeroquip hose (303???)as a replacement hose, purchased from 
A/C Spruce.
Trying to save a few bucks now could be expensive later.

Steve Beilby
173 RGE

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