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Re: RG hydraulic lines.

Two of the flex
>lines were leaking at the coupling.  The pressure gauge had not yet moved,
>to 2000 psi.  I called a hydraulic shop in Phoenix and talked to the tech
>about it and he said that rubber lines only have a usefull life of about
>years.  I know that the lines twisted some when I installed the fittings,
>they are already 5 1/2 years old (I'm slow).


The useful life would refer to the time with the fluid present.  More
importantly, I'm sure that the lines you have are not rubber; but rather
some synthetic.  My kit came with Eastman Hytron.  This stuff should last a
very long time.  You may be able to remove the end fittings; cut 1/2" or so
off the hose, and carefully reinstall the fittings.

Good luck.

Al Gietzen